Who are we, really?

I recently had the pleasure of spending the evening with a group of broad and deep thinkers pulled together by a partner for an event as part of their Ikigai series. Ikigai = a focus on purpose, value and meaning.

This evening was one focused on digital identity; how it's evolved, how we experienced it growing up and importantly -- what role should it play in our new world of generative content.

Held at a local popup theater where you become the main character in a dozen generated stories, we were able to explore the concept and think about how it should be applied personally and professionally.

No, I'm not that buff, I don't know why the person next to me has hands for legs, and I've never been to Burning Man. Each on the evening were augmented with stories, sometimes entertaining, sometimes frighteningly believable. 

At the end of the evening we came to a generalized agreement that identity as a person is not a proxy for authentication identity, and we would be good to consider how we ensure these continue to be so for the benefit of our teams, our communities, and our companies.

If you find something similar to hypercinema.ai where you physically live - please consider a visit. One thing generative AI is great at is not just exploring business usecases, but our own minds.


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