GenAI & Data Science

This is just a short reflection on the last public event I took part in this year on the topic of Generative AI. I had the pleasure of being on an industry panel with Malcolm Fraser, an accomplished thinker & doer as well as the one and only Trevor Kennedy of AWS. Additionally we were facilitated by Shivonne Londt, also of AWS.

Throughout the year we rarely get to interact as anything but competitors, working to convince someone that our view of the future is the brightest and that they will sail into the future the best with us.

What happened was easily the most enjoyable panel discussion on Generative AI all year. 

This was probably due to the fact that we were in an university auditorium filled with Data Science PhDs, giving us very little room for missteps or exaggeration. 👀😆

In all seriousness I think we all finally had a venue where we could share what we felt was more important and more persistent than this particular tech focus:
  1. Education, education, education
  2. Your organization needs to allow safe experimentation to develop intuition & muscle
  3. Some group across town or the world is doing this with their eye on your customers
Here's to having a reason to take to company boards and government institutions to increase digital literacy across all job profiles, across all industries.


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