Generative AI - Skipping Steps

As a function of my current role, I'm often asked to share what the latest capabilities are with Generative AI, especially as my employer has been at it a long time and invented some of the foundational approaches to the large language models we have today.

I love getting excited about a new toy, I really do. The trick is separating the fun from the work - a tricky thing to do as I'm a huge advocate of employers allowing space, time and budget for exactly that - playing with new toys.

It's the play time that leads us to memes like this, and more succinct and serious ways to share with our stakeholders ... 

(credit to the anonymous creator of this meme)

We can't skip any of the steps we couldn't skip up to this point - garbage in garbage out. In reality, many CxOs lead and build organizations that allow for exploration of new technology in a safe and controlled manner. They are the ones to quickly realize their advantage is the data, as it has always been, but now they have something they can take to their boards to justify the effort and time needed to get their data estate in shape.

Gen AI has compressed time and cognitive effort to near zero for many tasks. In a way, it's the ultimate SRE tool - toil to zero, automation to max, delivery improved.


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